Pontiff Johannes Paul II. Revers


This two sided medal was created to the order of Bernard Adamovich, the Polish collector, who has been collecting the medals dedicated to his famous countryman for many years. At present this collection consists of more than three hundred cast and stamped medals.

Mr. Adamovich gave me the full freedom to choose the  plot and composition. I started my work from looking through the most known quotations from the sermons and discussions of Pontiff Johannes Paul II and my attention was immediately attracted by his words "A catholic  priest is living all by himself, so that the rest of the people are never alone ".  It seemed to me that this was in exact correspondence with many of his photos, especially with one of them, where a lonely man, burdened with the mission imposed on him, responsibility, afflictions and his own age, is sitting on the balcony of the Saint Peter Cathedral. While on the square below there is a crowd of the exited people, welcoming Him with their stretched arms. And all of them together sincerely believe, that they are not lonely under His protection and defense.

In 2014 this medal was exhibited together with Mr. Adamovich’s collection at the exhibition "My Johannes Paul II ", which was held in the Senator Hall of the King’s Palace in Warsaw.

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