Master and Margarita


In 1973 a complete text of the novel “Master and Margarita” of the Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov was published, he has been working at the novel for 23 years and finished it in 1947. This social phantasmagoria was a shock to the reading public, without an exaggeration. Even slightly educated people, gathering together, devotedly cited abstracts from the book. The multiple heroes and twists and turns of the novel have become the basis for a whole series of the pieces of the fine art for many years to come. This total epidemic passion did not leave me aside as well.

The main heroes of the book are depicted on the medal: the Master, who wrote the novel about the life of Jesus Christ on earth, and as a result he brought down dangerous attention of the Devil per se, that of Moscow city authorities, as well as the management of the psychiatric clinic on himself; and Margarita, the beautiful lady, who has thrown away all the illimitable earth welfare for the sake of her love for the poor author. She was calling him “Master”. Не has deserved that.

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