2011. The 11th International Symposium of Medals

 2011 - The 11th International Symposium of Medals, Kremnica, Slovakia.

The tradition of fine artists - medal makers meetings in Kremnica originated in 1983. The symposium in Kremnica is unique when compared to other European events of similar character in enabling the authors to create their designs and consequently the realization of a two-sided medal struck at the Kremnica Mint.

Apart from this, the authors create designs of five cast medals during the four weeks spent in Kremnica which are brought to life mainly in the workshops of local casting masters.

The highlight of the symposium is the ceremonial opening of the exhibition of medals, created during the symposium, in the exhibition rooms of the Museum of Coins and Medals.

Valeria Koshkina participated as a member of both the Czech Association of Art Medallists (AUM) and the International Art Medal Federation (FIDEM). Valeria also represented Russian art school of of medal making.